Mark & Wendell

M&W JAWO Sampling automated and representative sampling equipment and complete solutions provide mining customers with the data needed for their exploration and mining processes to decide where and how to mine to get the most from the deposit.

Representative sampling for further analysis ensures that you avoid:

  • Lower product quality than expected
  • Not getting paid for the right ore quality
  • Product forecasting problems
  • Inefficient processes as a result of unexpected material properties
  • Excessive use of high-grade ore and better control over mine lifetime

M&W JAWO Sampling has since the 1980s delivered automated sampling solutions to the mining industry for a variety of mining customers such as Glencore, LKAB, AngloGold Ashanti, Severstal, Baffinland, Boliden and Rio Tinto for materials such as e.g. iron ore, copper, copper concentrate, gold, titanium, coal, bauxite, potash and nickel, including the largest automated sampling solution ever installed in Europe for iron ore.

The Cross Stream Sampler (CSS)

What does it do?
The Cross Stream Sampler (CSS) extracts a representative increment/cut of bulk material from a free-falling stream at the discharge point of a conveyor belt. Representativity of the increment is ensured by extraction of a complete cross section of the material stream.
Key Benefits
The CSS is TOS-compliant which gives every particle in the stream an equal probability to be included in the extracted increment – key to high quality and reliable sampling results.
The Cross Stream Sampler is available in two variants, dependent on whether the system is preferred to be driven by a chain or wire system.

The Screw Sampler Mixing Tank (SMX)

What does it do?
The Screw Sampler Mixing Tank (SMX) is designed to create an average composite sampler from continuous or intermittent increment extraction of dry non-sticky powdered free-falling material from a chute or in a silo. The mixing function of the SMX provides for more well-mixed samples compared to the SCR.
Key Benefits
The SMX provides automatic and continuous mixing at the sampling location and ensures that the
sampled material represents an optimal average of the material captured by the screw intersect of the primary falling flow. The control system ensures that the SMX continuously collects samples with correct timestamps. Opposed to manual grab sampling, the SMX provides an automated sample eliminating tedious/hazardous work.

The Unburned Carbon Analyser 2400 (UBC-2400)

What does it do?
The Unburned Carbon Online Analyser 2400 (UBC-2400) provides the operators with automatic and continuous online information about the amount of unburned carbon (UBC) in post-combustion fly ash as well as physical samples for further laboratory testing. The UBC-2400 utilizes microwave technology which is especially suited for power plants combusting coal with a higher variance in properties due to sourcing from different coal mines. The UBC-2400 can be placed in the flue gas duct close to the combustion zone allowing the information regarding burn-out efficiency to be used directly in the boiler control room.
Key Benefits
The UBC-2400 provides automatic and continuous online information about UBC levels for combustion efficiency, coal mill performance, classifier assemblies and the quality of the fly-ash in changing conditions. It has a short response time due to placement close to the combustion zone, which allows the information to be used directly in the boiler control. The microwave measurement principle provides accurate information about the UBC levels, well within the standard industry standards and limits (optimum conditions are generally achieved when the carbon content in the fly-ash is 2-4 % by weight).