AGRICHEMA Schüttguttechnik

Shock Blower

The SHOCK-BLOWER® reliably clears material deposits and keeps bulk solids flowing.
AGRICHEMA’s SHOCK-BLOWER® system enables individual solutions for all sectors of the bulk solids industry. The combination of Shock Blower and well-designed of nozzle will prevent and blast-away the cakings problem and material build-ups that usually occur at kiln inlet, riser duct, cyclones and grate cooler.

Telescopic Loading Chute

Our Loading Chute will keep the loading process free of dust whether it uses for flat bed or capsule truck, warehouse storage, or even big capacity like vessel carriage.
It is equipped with level sensor to ensure the loading process to stop when it reached the maximum capacity of the carriage.
With special modular design of the outer bellow, it is easy to replace and maintenance and no need to replace the whole bellow like the conventional one.